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Research from Cambridge to Combat COVID-19

Professor Ian Wilkinson comments on vitally important research taking place at Cambridge University Hospitals, with support of the NIHR Cambridge BRC

Prof IBW
Prof Ian Wilkinson
Director of the CCTU

This is a time of huge national effort in the fight against Coronavirus and I am delighted that Cambridge is playing a key role in this. The Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit is leading on two trials of national importance. PROLIFIC will tell us whether a simple antimalarial drug can protect frontline healthcare workers from developing COVID-19. TACTIC will test the effectiveness of a number of existing and new drugs in patients admitted to hospital with COVID-19. 

With a strong focus on modulating the immune response, TACTIC will complement existing clinical trials and provide high quality data that can be used by our partner pharmaceutical companies to seek the necessary approvals for global use. The realisation of both trials is testament to the hard work of many people and I would particularly like to thank the many staff of the Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit who have worked tirelessly to design and operationalise these studies.

TACTIC is open to recruitment

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