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Summary of TACTIC-E protocol published by BMC

A structured summary of a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial of Repurposed immunomodulatory drugs for Covid-19 in pre-ICu patients - muLTi-Arm Therapeutic study in pre-ICu patients admitted with Covid-19-Experimental drugs and mechanisms (TACTIC-E) has been published in the BioMed Central Journal.

TACTIC-EThe TACTIC-E clinical trial is testing whether novel therapeutic agents or novel combinations of approved agents can prevent the development of severe symptoms in patients hospitalised with strongly suspected or confirmed COVID-19. By targeting the exaggerated host response mechanisms driving the severe lung and other organ damage seen in coronavirus infection, this approach is a way of finding out whether these novel approaches are effective in treating the disease.

The treatments currently being tested in TACTIC-E are:

  • EDP1815 – to modulate abnormal immune and inflammatory response to acute viral infection
  • Ambrisentan in combination with Dapagliflozin – to treat respiratory, cardiovascular and renal complications from COVID-19

The platform design used by TACTIC-E provides flexibility to swap out and add in alternative treatments based on emerging data as the trial progresses.

For more information visit: CamCovidTrials

Published July 31, 2020

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