Director, Professor Ian Wilkinson

Director, Professor Ian Wilkinson

Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit

About CCTU

We are a science-led NIHR UKCRC registered academic clinical trials unit with a diverse portfolio of interventional trials, covering a broad spectrum of treatment areas. We work with researchers from CUHP and the broader research network of CUHP to deliver high quality clinical research, to inform improvements in healthcare delivery across the United Kingdom and globally.

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Clinical Trials in a Nut Shell

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The CCTU is part of the NIHR Cambridge BRC, which works with scientists to ensure that their discoveries are pulled into the NHS to improve health. The NIHR Cambridge BRC established the NIHR BioResource for Translational Research in Common and Rare Diseases, building on the success of the NIHR BioResource-Rare Diseases Translational Research Collaboration.


Research is central to CUH’s identity as a leading NHS hospital and development as an academic research centre. Cambridge is home to one of the richest pools of clinical and scientific knowledge and expertise in the world. At CUH doctors and scientists collaborate across disciplines and specialities and it is this co-existence of experience and expertise that fosters translational research.

The CCTU is a founding member of the ICN which aims to improve clinical research by fostering collaborations worldwide to form a unique network of leading trial centres with a global reach, promoting and facilitating the efficient conduct of clinical trials across the world.


Established in 2015 by members of the CCTU, the PLRH provides academic expertise in all aspects of research design and conduct free from a defined research agenda. We aim to collaborate with as many external experts as possible, spanning medicine, academia, research and industry.

EudraCT Tool

Developed by the CCTU in collaboration with other accredited CTUs, this tool prepares the required statistics needed by the European Clinical Trials Database and formats them into the precise requirements to directly upload an XML file into the database, with no further data entry by hand. For more information contact Dr Simon Bond.



A range of specialist experts offering free and confidential advice and support to researchers, who are developing high quality applied health or social care research proposals. Complete an online request advice form to arrange a face to face meeting with research advisers. Alternatively contact by email or phone: 01206 874856.



Supporting researchers in their efforts to translate findings from biological, biomedical or clinical research into practical health benefits for patients. To request advice email [email protected]